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Transcription of the First Letter from Dan Harris to
His Nephew, Benjamin Franklin Harris, Jr.


FairHaven Jen 23 1885 Nethue B Faranklin
Harris Sur yours Cam to hand to day and was glad to here from you and ie think you had beter Sell you Shop and tools and Come right Strate to mee and ie hav a nuff to make you and mee rich if you will Come and look after it for ie Cant and you want to know if ie hav eny town Lots for Sale ie hav 134 akers to poot in to town Lots yet and when a man git hard up and wan to Sell ie giv him 50 dolars for a Lot that ie Sold for 150 and Lots that ie Sold for 300 ie giv too for them back and know ie want 500 for them and you Can See how ie Can make mony and ie am Londing money for 2 Cent Pur munt and Sell your Shop and tools and if you Cant Sel them mog them to git money to Come to mee and if you Cant doo ether brow the money and ie will Pay it as soon as you Can git here for my money is in the Bank and whot is aut is Lond and thais fore or five here evry day to Borow mony and ie Cant Leve my Hotell alone to goe to the Bank to drow money ie must hav Sumbody to Look out for my bisnis and ie hav bot a fifty foot Flag and going to Hist on the 4 of march and giv a larg boll and my flag Staf 100 feet and you must Come here and by your ticket in New York for Bellingham Bay you will want from 75 to 100 dolars to Come here for ie Saw a man in my house 12 days from New York it is not a long Srip

and right as Soon as you git this leter
D J Harris

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