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      Welcome to dan-harris.info, a website based on intensive research into the life and passing of Daniel Jefferson Harris (1833-1890), the founder of Fairhaven, Washington, who early became known as "Dirty Dan." This site currently offers the complete texts of four booklet based on this research: Dan Harris Meets the Press, which was pubished in April 2007, and its yet-to-be-printed companions, Dan Harris Speaks for Himself, Dan Harris Stakes His Claim and Dan Harris Goes to Court. This site also presents audio clips from interviews with Phillip M. Clark, who personally knew Dan Harris. It features copies of original documents, one-of-a-kind maps and photographs and offers links to several related websites.

      The texts of the booklets presented on this website were updated during March 2012 with new information and additional comments. Comments are posted on a single page and may be accessed by "hot keys" imbeded in the texts and in the tables of contents. Information posted on the site may be downloaded freely for personal use and research purposes, provided that any reproduction thereof includes the associated endnotes and/or credits. Copies of the first booklet may be purchased for $10.00 each, at "Dirty Dan" Harris Restaurant and Eclipse Bookstore, both located in the center of Fairhaven.
Ralph W. Thacker
March 30, 2012