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Transcription of the Second Letter from Dan Harris
Presumably to His Nephew, B. F. Harris, Jr.


Los Angeles May 16 1889
your leter came to hand yes day and was glad to here from you once a gin but ie was very Sick for ie have the asmatic and ie Smuthers it is hard to breeve and ie pass many hard nits in bed and on the flore and out doers to get wind to breeve and ie donít know what is going to bee come of mee and ie have to doo the best ie can for the present and ie think ie shall goe to the montins hy up and See if that will doo any good the doctor Ses it may Coer mee for ie have to doo Something for ie am all brok up in bisness now for ie can lone all of my money at 12 Per Sent a year wich brings mee 4000 ayear and next year it will bring mee 8000 ayear when ie can get it to work right and ie hav to goe to Washington Taritory to Setle up my bisness up thair for ie hav 25 akres up thair and 6 lots wich is 43000 and ie hav 55000 here and ie hav 2 lots up in Sant Bardener County and a house wich cost mee 1000 dolars and 2Ĺ akres in clier water wich cost 300 and one lot on adams Street wich cost 1000 and a house and lot 3000 and the party that rented wont pay the rent Soe ie hav to poo them out as Soon as ie git well a nuf to doo it and it is more trubel to look after money than to make it for ie hav had agrate dael of trubel in this far off land ups and downs but god made us to work but ie am git old and ie hope these few lines will find you all well and prosperin this is

                              Daniel J Harris
                              413 South Spring
                                   Los angeles
                                   rum 21

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